Uneasy Hearts
call me em;
california kids for the win.
i'm good at stressing myself out. I love writing and receiving letters, travelling, music and the ocean. I like stories that have no ending.
17 years old, 9 tattoos, Sacramento, army<3 _______________________________________
i'll leave my heart there by your bedside, if you swear that your eyes wont stray
1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline __________________________
You became a cop to make the world
a Better place.
I became a vandel
to make the world
a place (looking) place.
;; My first name is hopful.


reasons you should date me:

  • i bake things and they taste good usually
  • i will cuddle you always
  • you can chill w/me for hours and just read or watch movies and not  talk
  • i could’ve murdered like 17 people by now but i haven’t

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